Tuesday, January 5, 2016

My last notice

I still have some postdated items until 01.01.2016, then I'll quit the project. It is not worth the time I spend for this project.  I have 1 visitor per day, and then only because I make an entry in the Facebook group every day.

The project is now half a year, I have published 173 articles. I would have enough photos, but to write in englisch costs me very much time.

I  made this website to be integrated in citydailyphoto.org. But that does not seem to be possible. I tried it since six months. They put me off this time. I still am not registered.

So I give up. It is a pity.

If you want to see daily pictures of my town,: Look at my project regensburg-365.blogpost.de But this project doesn't has german text and ist not orientated to the guidelines of the city-daily-photo-movement.

Friday, January 1, 2016