About this site

The City Daily Photo Movement of blogs began with Eric Tenin in March 2005 when he launched his Paris – One Photo A Day blog. Gerald England told about this, in his interesting "brief history of the daily photoblog movement" on his Websitehttp://www.geraldengland.co.uk/dp/

The blog name was changed to Paris Daily Photo and became so popular, that suddenly others started writing to Eric asking how they could start a similar blog for their own city. Then a group formed and mande a collection.

As conceived by Eric, the CDPB concept required that bloggers should
  • post one photo a day, though not necessarily one taken that day.
  • include a short caption describing the place, the situation, and sometimes a little history.
  • the captions should be in English as a minimum, and sometimes in the native language.
  • the blogger should ideally be living in the city they photograph and write about, so that they can share their perspective, although they do not have to be a native of that country.
  • the name of the city should be included in the title of the blog.

I didn't knew about this, when I started a similar blog in 2012, the "regensburg-365.blogspot.de". Every day a photo, that wasnt a problem for me, as I have thousends of wonderful photos from Ratisbon.

But my main blog was still "regensburger-tagebuch.de", where I write about my impressions in my home-town Regensburg, since 2007

After pausing, I reactivated the website regensburg-365 and post now the next 12 months pictures, that are not normal photos, but creative, artifical pictures. The Posts are foredated for a complete year.

Some weeks ago, I made a variant of this for my English Followers: daily-picture-ratisbon.blogspot.de with almost the same pictures.

But all  these websites don't agree with the rules of the City-Daily-Photo-Movement, which I discovered the last days.  Regensburger-Tagebuch is a magazine with irregular posts, and regensburg-365 / daily-picture-ratisbon show artifical pictures the next months, without pure photo and without description.

So I decided to start this city-daily-photo-Blog about Regensburg, with old and new photos, every day one or more photos.

  • I am adding short descriptions and I post them in english.
  • And if it is possible, I am posting screenshots of google-earth or name the places of the photos for searchin on google-maps.
Start is 01.07.2015. 

To write in english is very difficult for me, I loose much time to search for vocables.

By the way: there is a huge community of daily-city-bloggers, and bloggers made use of the CDPB Facebook group to keep in touch and the regular 1st of the month themes were and still are hosted on the CDPB Theme Day blog. A group of members developed a new CDPB Portal.

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